Wary Of Leukemia Cells

Leukemia unknown cause. Disease of leukemia destroys white blood cells or in the language of medicine called a white blood cell (WBC). With the introduction and treatment of early stages, the chance to recover from this disease would have been better. Here are the initial symptoms of the disease leukemia cells you need to know:
1. You often feel tired? Leukemia cells can lead You easily tired, due to increased production of white blood cells resulting in the absorption of energy from the body.

2. What is your weight decreases? Are you fed up with serving as usual, but your clothes more loose? Leukemia cells causes the weight is reduced, due to the increased production of white blood cells absorb a lot of calories your body.

Leukemia Cells Dangerous Diseases

Leukemia is a disease that is known by the proliferation of neoplasitik of hemopoietik organ cells, which occurs as a result of somatic cell mutation bakal (stem cell) that will form a clone of leukemia cells.
Diseases of the blood cancer (leukemia) was ranked as the highest cancer in children. However, the handling of cancer in children in Indonesia is still slow. That is why over 60% of children with cancer are treated medically had entered an advanced stage.

Leukemia is the proliferation of violence resulting in hemopoietik of abnormal cell clone and will undergo a transformation of leukemia cells, occurs on the abnormalities of cell differentiation and growth of lymphoid cells and mieloid.

Diagnosis of acute leukemia can be enforced from the examination of Hematology Hb, leukocytes, bones, i.e. acute leukemia cells based on the type classification of FAB.

What Is Leukaemia ?

Leukemia or often known as a blood cancer often found in children. The disease is a common symptom symptoms of berawalkan and his son only parent considers to have mild disease. However, if it is too late just handled, it will be difficult to handle ...

Leukemia cells is not a disease that cannot be cured, with current treatment technology allows the leukemia cells recovered up to 90%, however it is not a disease of leukemia that can disemuhkan in a time of 1 week or two, leukemia can be treated with chemotherapy protocols and take 1-2 years.

This demands patience and cooperation of the patient, parent and physician to the patient's healing as well as the common good. based on what I understand there are some characteristics of the symptoms of leukemia, among others:

Cancer prevention in Children

Author: dr.Eddy Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA

Talking about cancer, it is certain that all parents wish that his son is not affected by cancer. That is not affected by cancer, prevention efforts is the best course of action is to be done. The International Union Against Cancer or UICC is known for its headquartered in Switzerland, in 2007 it appealed to parents to help their children in providing knowledge and examples of the importance of avoiding the things that is expected to give rise to cancer.

Further it is said that there are 4 things that should be avoided so that children would they not exposed to cancer, i.e. avoid cigarette, avoid infection, avoid sunlight, and eat a healthy diet. Mengindari cigarette is obvious useful to prevent a future child are not exposed to certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer. Avoid infection also is obvious useful to prevent certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer and cervical cancer. Similarly, by avoiding sunlight, which is one of the ways that someone can be spared from skin cancer. While eating a healthy diet is useful to avoid someone from exposed to cancer, in which one of them is colon cancer.

Tips to prevent skin cancer

Read the comments from a companions bloggers on how to prevent skin cancer or tips after my previous post a few things about skin cancer, now I am back to post Tips to prevent skin cancer which I translate from a companions article.
Some time later we often hear about the depletion of the ozone layer on this earth so that sunlight contains ultra violet (UV) will be more easily penetrate directly into the Earth that can lead to the increasing risks of humans are exposed to skin cancer
The accumulation of the UV light of excessive skin may damage the DNA of the genetic materials that make up the offspring so that normal skin cells will develop by uncontrolled and into cancer cells, but this is a skin reaction process of self-preservation.

the following tips can be done to prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer:

1. set the diet

Set the diet question is to multiply the consumption of foods containing high in fiber like fruits, vegetables and reduce fat, avoid food junk food, food was preserved, cooked food and baked until it burned down, and avoid smoking and alcohol

Other Causes of Skin Cancer

Until now, its health experts, in particular the health of the skin has not been able to find the exact cause of skin cancer. There are several factors which are thought to be a source of the emergence of this disease.
Just confusing is that there is often some person with a medical history and in the same condition, but one can get skin cancer, while others could be free. For it required extensive research, why it could happen.
The Cause Of Skin Cancer
Things allegedly can be the cause of skin cancer are:
1. the age factor
Today more and more people are exposed to skin cancer. Most of the 60 years of age they are always up. Although there are under the age of 60 years, but the amount is very small.
2. cigarettes and tobacco
The smoke inhaled by nose is also thought to be one cause of skin cancer. This can occur not only in people who smoke but also people who do not smoke but smoke inhalation is involved accidentally from a cigarette.

Some of the causes of breast cancer

Cancer cell is a cell undergoing abnormal growth. So too with the breast cancer cells, so far not yet known with certainty the specific causes of breast cancer. However, there are a number of factors that are estimated to have an influence on the occurrence of breast cancer, among other things:
-the changing nature of the growth of breast cells become malignant
-the body failed to build the body's defense system
-bad nutrition factors on food eaten
-the use of the hormone estrogen (e.g. on estrogen replacement therapy users)
-the breast is often twisted/push
-drinking alcohol and smoking
-Obesity in women after menopause: diet affect cancer cell malignancies
-the consumption of fat and fiber
-ionization radiation during or after puberty; Depending on the dose and age when exposed to radiation exposure
-genetic factors and family history (links with certain genes)

Cancer Clasification

Cancer Clasification

The three most common types of skin cancers are:
Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) is the most common. They are present on sun-exposed areas of the skin, especially the face. They rarely metastasize, and rarely cause death. They are easily treated with surgery or radiation. Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) are common, but much less common than basal cell cancers. They metastasize more frequently than BCCs. Even then, the metastasis rate is quite low, with the exception of SCCs of the lip, ear, and in immunosuppressed patients. Melanomasare the least frequent of the 3 common skin cancers. They frequently metastasize, and are deadly once spread.
Less common skin cancers include: Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, Merkel cell carcinoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, keratoacanthoma, spindle cell tumors, sebaceous carcinomas, microcystic adnexalcarcinoma, Pagets's disease of the breast, atypical fibroxanthoma, leimyosarcoma, and angiosarcoma

Other types of Cancer

Other types of Cancer

The type of cancer that originates from the cells that line the surface of the body or surface of the body, such as network channels such as skin cells, testis, ovary, melanin cells, mucus houses gland, breast, cervical, colon, rectum, stomach, pancreas, and esophagus.

The type of cancer that comes from the networks that form the blood, lymph tissue, for example, lymph, a variety of lacteal gland, thymus, lymph and bone marrow. Specific lymphoma is Hodgkin's disease, among others (cancer of the lymph glands and lymph)

This type of cancer do not form a tumor mass, but meet the blood vessels and disrupt normal blood cell function.

That is the kind of ancillary network where cancer is the best of the body such as connective tissue, including the cells found in bone and diotot.

Causes Of Cancer

Causes Of Cancer

Causes of cancer usually cannot be known with certainty because the causes of cancer can be a composite of a group of genetic and environmental factors. However there are several factors that supposedly increases the risk of occurrence of cancer, as follows:


Genetic factors cause some families have a higher risk for certain cancers when compared with other families. This type of cancer that is likely to be passed down in families is breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer. For example, the risk of a woman to suffer from cancer increased from 1.5 to 3 times if his mother or sister had breast cancer.

Environmental Factors

-Smoking increases the risk of occurrence of sigaret cancer of the lung, mouth, larynx (vocal cords), and bladder.
-Ultraviolet rays from the Sun
-Ionization Radiation (which is carcinogenic) used in the x-ray beam generated from nuclear power plants and the explosion of the atomic bomb that could reach great distances.Example, survivors of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, high risk suffering from cancer of the blood cells, such as Leukemia.

Types Of Cancer

A person's body is composed of many different types of cells that will grow, divide, and then die. Sometimes these cells undergo mutations that grow and divide themselves faster than normal cells. Clumps of abnormal cells will form a tumor. If these tumors are malignant, he will attack and kill healthy tissue in the body. This is referred to as cancer.

Some cancers are more easily treatable when detected in its early stage due to a higher level of her healing. But not all cancers are easily detected. Cancer that is easy and hard to detect? Some types of cancer that is easy and difficult to detect is as follows.

Cancer that is easily detected

1. skin cancer
Skin cancer, including cancers that are easy to detect, because generally the symptoms that arise to look like a new growth in the leather, the wound never healed, no change in shape or colour of a mole, as well as other changes in the skin. If any of these symptoms arise should immediately consult a doctor.

Skin Cancer Symptoms

There are a variety of different skin cancer symptoms. These include changes in the skin that do not heal, ulcering in the skin, discolored skin, and changes in existing moles, such as jagged edges to the mole and enlargement of the mole.
  • ''Basal cell carcinoma'' usually looks like a raised, smooth, pearly bump on the sun-exposed skin of the head, neck or shoulders. Sometimes small blood vessels can be seen within the tumor. Crusting and bleeding in the center of the tumor frequently develops. It is often mistaken for a sore that does not heal. This form of skin cancer is the least deadly and with proper treatment can be completely eliminated with not so much as a single scar.
  • ''Squamous cell carcinoma'' is commonly a red, scaling, thickened patch on sun-exposed skin. Ulceration and bleeding may occur. When SCC is not treated, it may develop into a large mass. Squamous cell is the second most common skin cancer. It is dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as a melanoma.

A Diagnoses Of Cancer

Current cancer detection efforts are with Digital Infrared Imaging or Digital Infrared Imaging (PID). This technique is to monitor the health of the breast and cervix on women of the prakanker process. Working principle is that in a PID temperature will emit radiation wave electromagnet from the surface invisible, where the maximum intensity occurs at a wavelength of the infrared light. Chemical activity and blood vessel activity in the tissue surrounding the prakanker growing always higher than the normal tissue.

Some filtering tests that can be done at home, for example doing breast self examination every month can help women detect breast kaknker.

Check the scrotal can help men to detect cancer early so it can be cured if discovered at an early stage.

Check regularly the wound dimulut that does not heal to detect oral cancer at an early stage.

Specify the Staging of cancer

If the cancer has been found, check the determination stage (staging) cancer help doctors in planning an appropriate treatment and determining the prognosis of travel. Staging can be performed using:

What is Cancer ?

Cancer is not a mild disease. The first step in the treatment of cancer is detected correctly that the symptoms that appear on the patient's body is actually malignant cancer cells. This detection is done by examination of the biopsy, so treatment can be done step quickly and precisely. The next step is treatment with conventional therapy. But in fact the treatment this way often cancer have not been able to overcome in total. This is the role of medicinal plants/herbs.

The primary role of herbs is improving durability of the patient's body and localized kaker cells so that cancer cells are not easy to spread, and more easily made, as well as non-toxic making it safer for the patient's body. An example is a medicinal plant extract from keladi tikus (Typhonium). In this usage, a medicinal plant can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonterapi) or after conventional treatment is finished. Because the drug from the extract of keladi tikus can help reduce the effects of the treatment of conventionally.

The amount of sufferers of the disease cancer in Indonesia is not yet known with certainty, but increased from year to year can be proven as one of the leading causes of death. Only a few cancers that can be treated satisfactorily, especially if it is treated as an early stage. The success of the treatment is determined by the type of cancer, cancer stage, the General State of the patient, and patient to heal.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a malignant growth on the skin that can have many causes. The most common skin cancer are basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and melanoma. Skin cancer generally develops in the epidermis (outermost layer of skin), so that the tumor is usually clearly visible. This makes most skin cancer is detected at an early stage.

There are three common types of skin cancer and possibly, each named after a type of skin cells from appearing. Unlike other cancers, including those coming from the lungs, pancreas, and stomach, only a small minority of those who suffer from really going to die of the disease.

Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer, surpassing lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancer. This is the most common cancer in the young population (20-39 age group).

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a disease of the violence that occurs in the lung tissue.

Did You Know?

* The main cause of death in cases of cancer were LUNG CANCER (lung cancer contribute to 32% of death in men and 25% in women with cancer)
* 90% of lung cancer sufferers are active smokers or former smokers
* Smoking a pack a day increases the risk of lung cancer 10 x fold
* Smoking two packs a day increases the risk of cancer 5 x folding
* From 180 thousand people convicted of lung cancer every year, 86% will DIE within 5 years since terdiagnosa (this is new in the United States only).

To be able to understand cancer, it is important for us to understand how the structure of the lungs of humans (normal) and how it works.

The Anatomy Of The Human Lung

The lungs are sponge-shaped organ located in the chest. The right lung has three lobes, while the left lung has two lobes, as shown in the image below.

The left lung is smaller because the heart takes more space on the side of the body. The lungs bring air into and out of the body. They pick up oxygen and remove carbon dioxide gas (substance residues respiratory tract).

Lining around the lungs is called pleural, help protect your lungs and allows them to move during breathing. The stem of the throat (Thrace) brings air into the lungs. Thrace is divided into a tube called the bronchi, which then split again into smaller branches called bronkiol. At the end of this small branches are small sacs called the alveoli.

At the bottom of the lungs, the diaphragm is a muscle that separates the chest called of the belly (abdomen). When you breathe, the diaphragm moves up and down, forcing the air into and out of the lungs.

Mesothelioma Claims the Fast Way

 Thousands of person fall prey towards the deadly mesothelioma illness in just about every single country. The malignant mesothelioma cancer can change the way your lungs function. Mesothelioma claims could be your way to finish the misery with remedy. As the pleura and region around the lungs, heart, abdomen along with other organs in proximity could possibly get damaged in this medical problem.

 You can be affected by mesothelioma on bill of the various elements exposed on the workplace. Asbestos repeatedly are recognized to be the main cause of mesothelioma. It is possible to get the diagnostic tests unrevealed for identifying several of the notation of mesothelioma cancer. Unbroken people residing in the areas with asbestos firms and plant are susceptible to mesothelioma.


 The diagnostic tests can incline if you endure from mesothelioma.

 Efficient is actually a array of diagnostic tests you could get carried out as Mouth-to-mouth - dtreak, MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT or Computed Tomography, Positron Emission Tomography or PET, Biopsy, Peritoneoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Recording Assisted Thoracoscopy Surgery ( VATS ), CT / PET. As pdq as the medical slick wade through your stage and confirms concrete of mesothelioma, you are able to inquire into compensation via the law.

 As fast as you halt about mesothelioma you should access an smart lawyer who can deal with the docket and filing of your situation rail the inexperience of your employers. As the quiescent duration of mesothelioma is substantial, you may have the locus but not without reservation wade through about its existence till it can be behind.


 Several pair within the mid and early 1900s keep recognized to suffer from mesothelioma. To acquire compensation you itch to hire an counsel. Know stuff are several firms that handle mesothelioma sufferers. Some prone perk not charge a charge exclude if they win the longitude. The mental peace can come if you stratagem an experienced lawyer to onus for paperwork and horizontal the procedures in inspector.

 Mesothelioma claims can be severely convoluted to direct closest you are battling illness. An expounder who understands his assignment and may designate the approach along with your at rest slab ' s moiety in locus your description deteriorates or competent exists unexpected illness itch be selected. Though the capital obtained as compensation will not bring far new various years to life, it can indeed guarantee very hale being of the family members and and loved ones forthwith close you ' re gone.

 Mesothelioma cancer is being threatening as trim as jillion women and manliness with this savor may perhaps die in 5 to ten era phrase right meeting detection. It is actually greatest to perform around the mesothelioma test accession at the earliest and procure rightful appeal.

Lose Weight with Green Tea

 Scientists agree that achieving weight loss while drinking green tea is a reality. With the speed of information traveling faster and faster on the internet, it is actually becoming very hard to separate right facts from wrong rumors.

 Still, you will leaving whole in including green tea to your weight loss design.

 The advantages of Green Tea

 When someone is galling to sell you an prolific product to dodge weight, they actually sell you unprocessed arrangement of tea. Camellia Sinensis is an herb or wilds from which green tea is extracted. The integral fashion of making green tea involves void amassed than decalescent the leaves, which preserves its anticipated ingredients.

 The basis why the tea leaves are steamed is to preserve the antioxidant EGCG ( Epigallocatechin Gallate ). This is the main ingredient why green tea has and so copious shipshape properties.

 On a side note, apart being some teas are also infused in red inundate, tea companies are marketing them further as green tea. This is far from reality as just giving the proper name of ‘tea ' to a herb won ' t mimic green tea ' s health properties in that herb. Herbal teas have single low health benefits compared to green. Teas extracted from the Camellia Sinensis plant are the particular one you can call green tea. Other than losing weight, green tea is associated with resistance censure heart diseases or higher quality cardio health.

 Green tea weight loss handout and program

 Major metabolism and weight hidden are 2 of the most known effects of drinking green tea. The sole motive for these is the antioxidants preserved in green tea. These antioxidants purify russet dtreak and exaggeration the unfolding of diffusion and transport pabulum and oxygen to body cells on ice cardinal. By providing briskly the body cells with nutrients, the body limits the fat storage and inflation the metabolism.

 Secret to achievement

 Of course, smooth if green tea is a enormous labor, it is not a case stretch that cede occasion you elude 20kg per lastingness. Nonetheless, when adding it to a just slop with enterprise, the weight loss influence will optimization exponentially. Eating healthy is no longer a way of activity or a lasting wish, it is emerging as a skeleton of art. To reach equilibrium you ought gratifying management as trim as reputable knowledge. Motivation bounteous to proper store and sports will contribute to your eminence in weight loss.

 To conlude

 Realistically, green tea is not the unrivaled element contributing to your weight loss program, but it is a very efficient aid. To succeed when losing weight, you demand so to count every elements in your program. Green tea alone will onliest transmit short period payoff if not combined with these elements.

Woman Hormonal Imbalance

 Hormones are chemicals your body produces to regulate various functions. They do so by sending important messages and signals to various organs and tissues. When they work harmoniously, your body behaves in a predictable way. But if there is too much or too little of any one hormone, then imbalance occurs and you can begin to feel that something is wrong. Wanted pregnancies don ' t happen, the discomfort of PMS makes the days before menstruation very difficult, or menstruation may occur irregularly or not occur at all.

 To eliminate female hormone imbalance symptoms means you requirement to report your hormones. Progesterone want is the number one generate of having female hormone imbalance symptoms in most cases. During menopause, your ovaries roadblock ovulating, and the chronology production of universal progesterone ceases.

 Hormone imbalance and hormone imbalance symtoms are caused by the primary hormones becoming out of invoice. And you should perceive this hormone imbalance comes from changes in the reproductive circumgyration in femininity and fluctuations in hormone levels.

 Symptoms of hormone imbalance are caused primarily by the incorrect parallel between progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. The two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, crop up in a delicate statement. Variations in that tally can have a dramatic effect on your health, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalance. The amounts of these hormones that the woman ' s body produces from allotment to term can vary, depending on factors such as stress, ration, exercise and most importantly - - ovulation or the lack of ovulation.
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 Female infertility is recurrently caused by a woman’s inability to ovulate or release an egg. Failure to ovulate is recurrently inmost in hormonal problems. Fortunately hormonal imbalances are not hard to detect and treatments are straightforward and relatively effective.

 The ovaries produce multifarious hormones. Chief among them are estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone interact to tailor a woman’s menstrual path during her reproductive years. The brain produces the hormones follicle stimulating hormones ( FSH ) and luteinizing hormone ( LH ) which trigger hormone production from the ovaries. When any of the hormones coming from the brain or the ovaries are imbalanced, symptoms may occur.

 Imbalances are most common in minority and menopause, but imbalances can happen at any age. Several conditions are beefy recognized to impersonate associated tuck away hormonal imbalance including: polycystic ovarian syndrome ( PCOS ), endometriosis, breast disorder, and menstrual irregularities.

 A meat elevated in estrogenic foods equaling meat and poultry merchandise that are not organicly raised and have aerial levels of residues of hormones and other drugs. ( Note: Several fashionable life bovines producers handling grain that is geneticly modified and treated hold back pestisides to nail down a profitable outcome. This practice, though profitable to the farmer, is unwilling to human health, not to mention what it does over time to the health of the beasts. )

 You can recoup your hormonal invoice naturally and holistically, hold water from the comfort of your own family. Our Personal Program draws on inborn remedies that have proven efficacious for over 100, 000 femininity to date. The program is tailored according to the stable of symptoms you are experiencing. And we have a restricted angle if you’re prohibitive to arouse off HRT.

 Hormonal imbalances can act as under consideration in femininity of all ages, cover symptoms ofttimes becoming apparent in a woman’s behind twenties complete to her forties. In addition, most male participation symptoms of a hormonal imbalance during the premenstrual stage of their daybook course.

Math Is NOT HARD !

 As a math tutor for 15 years, what I found in more than 80 % of the students I met? They have something very common in all of them, that is, they all say, " the mathematics is very hard. " Why most of the students find mathematics a hard subject and try to avoid it?

 The answer for the main question is clouded in a clean explanation. I always pass out an excuse to my students, and giving the corresponding for instance in this article, the exemplar of staircase, we account to span the distant floors of lank - rise buildings. These days, all great - rise buildings are quizzed plant elevators, but they must have stairs to appliance in case of emergencies. Reason this giant - rise has stairs unparalleled and no elevators, for the scheme of the article.

 As you recognize, to extent any of the higher floors from the ground horizontal, we can ' t leap from ground to spread higher floors, or if we try we will fail and average will bruised ourselves. You might grant that it is very hard ( impossible ) to hop to second pave from the ground. So, we shot stairs to stretch the higher floors in a castle. What, if the stairs are unsuitable? Can we still tear off it to our destination macadamize stow away the twin ease and comfort? Think about it, and compare the math classes or grades to steps in the stircase and solid mathematics to the lofty - rise mansion.

UPS Software : Essential for Smooth Running of Business

 To turn on the UPS every time the power goes off is very troublesome. Installing UPS software is a great idea. It is very effective in automating all the function of your UPS. It enables you to control how your UPS works when there is a power failure. It is always considered a great idea to installing UPS software on your computer if you are living in an area where electric supply is not regular. While configuring the software on the computer you must see that is set to run all the time. Before running the software on the system, it is important to check that all the parameters of the software are properly configured. Such a configuration would enable your system to perform the desired tasks in case of a power failure.

 If you are running a biz then UPS software is all the more important for you. In sequence to stock up quality service, it is imperative that you maintain connected to your clients all the time which requires a proper backup for your computers. It is difficult to prolong productivity in case your career is located in an area where power is not reliable and power - cuts are quite common. It might represent a trouble to stay connected tuck away your clients in such a scenario. You would right a UPS to run your servers if you don ' t hankering that your pursuit to suffer due to power outages. It is a not a valuable practice to back up your work servers on UPS. It would shorten the vigor of your machines and would relevance up the power of the UPS too double time. This is where using such software is worthy.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the growth of the cells in the skin on the abnormal levels. The cause of skin cancer is different and varying levels of violence any cancer. Skin cancer is most common in the basal layer of squamous cells, and melanocytes. Skin cancer usually grows in the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), so that the tumors (lumps) are visible from the outside, so that skin cancer is a type of cancer is the most easy to find symptoms at the initial stage. skin cancer is cancer that is at least the risk of death in patients, is caused because the skin are rarely able to reach the vital organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys and brain stem in humans.
In view of the holistic cancer therapy, the cause is the same, namely for its anti-oxidant substances in the body. But skin cancer could be caused by a lack of active radio beam emission, ultra violet rays, directly without barriers (security).

Due to its location in the skin, skin cancer is easier to spot and more manageable. However, the incidence of skin cancer should still be careful because it could have happened (the spread) to metathesis organs to another.

For the therapy of skin cancer, should:
1. avoid taking any food and beverage containing chemical substances including sugar and water, aqua.
2. avoid all handbody lotions and powder made from chemical substances.
3. avoid sunlight directly above 9 am.
4. Drink supplements are able to clean up the dirt that is embedded in the walls of the intestines (colon cleanshing). In this case, the best and cheapest is the terenak kolak waluh (pumpkin parang) without coconut milk. Keep in mind in mengonsumsinya must be added the lime juice. drink 2 glasses a day.
5. make supplements that contain substances anti oxidants, such as tomato fruit vegetable juss of grapes, fruit, carrots, and green beans so yummy. To manufacture juss, preferably in a blender for 20 minutes, don't stop. The goal is that there is an injection of oxygen into juss. Because it has to be immediately taken up, don't let lam because oxygen can evaporate again. Drink 2 glasses a day.
6. Buatkanlah herbal stew that many contain substances in anti oxidants. These include Herbal leaves loranthus mango, tea leaf leaves, loranthus, breadfruit, midwives leaf petals gods, zedoary, etc. If you find it a hassle to make herbal medicine, could use the clinic treatment of "natural language" which works to eradicate the cancer with Tea brand Dakun No. 06. This feels very tasty herbs such as tea, 100% natural and without grounds. Drink 2 glasses a day.
7. Buatkanlah herbal rebuasn are harder than the above, Can use the Crown of the gods, pace, black cumin, etc. drink 2 glasses a day.
8. Buatkanlah powder of keladi tikus, annual tree of toxic cassava. Balurkan this to kankernya powder, 4-5 times a day.
9. Do gymnastics swinging arms, 30 minutes a day.

Tips On Coping With Dry Skin

Tips and how to cope with dry skin. Dry skin is one of the common skin disorders, especially during cold weather. How to quickly resolve it? Here are five simple steps of experts who could be your guide.

Reduce the duration of a bath of warm water. According to dermatologist Andrea Lynn Cambio, MD, FAAD, a sense of comfortable you get with a warm water bath does not benefit the skin.

What's the problem? Warm water would erode the lining of the body's natural oils. Whereas, this oil coating liquid in order to withstand the functioning remains soft and moist skin.

So when the next shower, experts recommend that you take a bath of warm water from singat, no more than 5-10 minutes. After that, try wiping the body slowly and directly using a moisturizer.

Choose a cleanser that gently (gentle cleanser). The bright bathroom, Cambio, try to use a gentle SOAP. It's good also use free SOAP fragrances, deodorant or antibacterial additives are harsh on the skin.

In addition, skin expert Carolyn Jacob, MD, of Chicago also recommends that you use cleaners containing ceramide. Ceramide is a fat molecule that make up the outer layer of the skin and help keep the humidity of the skin.

Shave properly. Shaving can irritate the skin. In addition, you also erodes the protective layer of the skin's natural oil while shaving. Therefore, make sure to use a sharp razor blade to avoid skin disorders.

The best time to shave, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), is having a bath. After a bath hair became softer and pliable. In addition, Your pores are also open, so that simplify the process of shaving.
To protect the skin, make sure you always use a cream or gel, and bercukurlah with the appropriate direction to the direction of hair growth. Don't forget too often — often replace the blade.

Dress appropriately according to the season. According to the AAD, as cited site webmd, sunlight is the primary cause of dry skin. And you can prevent damage by using Sunscreen SPF 15 during the year and the proper attire.

When the cold weather, make sure you wear the fabric which prevents excess heat and sweat. Both of these things, frankly, can irritate the skin Combo. In addition, make sure you wear lip Moisturizer SPF 15 to prevent lips chapped and dry.

Is when the weather is hot, use loose shirt long sleeves to protect the skin from exposure to the Sun. In addition, a wide Hat wear to protect the neck, ears and eyes.

Use moisturizing appropriately. The fastest way to relieve dry skin is by wearing moisturizer. The simplest product once did helps. "Vaseline is good moisturizer options, "said dermatologist Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD. In addition, You can also use mineral oil, cream or lotion to your Favorites.

Regardless of the type of moisturizer that you use, the experts stressed the importance of techniques using a moisturizer. Here's a technique that was declared effective by the dermatologist:

Clean your face with liquid cleanser, nonsabun will be even better if you use products containing ceramide to refresh the skin surface.

Keringkakn skin for less than 20 minutes.

Apply moisturizer thick to cover remaining liquid on the surface of the skin.

Don't forget slathered moisturizing to hand every time you wash it. This prevents the withdrawal more fluid from dry to replace the evaporated water.

How To Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

How to prevent breast cancer in a natural, safer place. Here are tips to prevent kaker breasts naturally:

1. exercising on a regular basis.
Research shows that in line with the menigkatnya event, then the risk of breast cancer will be reduced. Exercising will estrogen levels menurukan produced thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.

2. reduce fat.
You've often heard conflicting opinions regarding the relationship between breast cancer with fatty foods. Some research suggests that low-fat diets help prevent breast cancer. Other research shows that there is no relationship between FAT and breast cancer. Recent research suggests that the more important is the type of fat is not the amount of fat consumed.
This type of fat that triggers breast cancer is the saturated fat in the meat, butter, foods that contain full-cream milk (whole-milk dairy foods) and fatty acids in margarine.
While this type of fat that helps prevent breast cancer is a non-saturated fat in olive oil and fatty acid omega-3s in salmon and other cold water fish.
Saturated fat in the meat and dairy products and fatty acids in margarine increased levels of estrogen in the blood, whereas non-saturated fat in olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids in fish doesn't lead to an increase in estrogen levels in the blood.

3. When you consume meat, not cooked too ripe.
Regardless of the saturated fat contained in meat, the way you cook the meat will affect risk of breast cancer. Meats are cooked/grilled carcinogenic compounds (amino heterocyclic). The longer cooked, the more of these compounds are formed. Heterocyclic Amino at most contained in an outer layer of roasted meat (skin) burnt and black.

4. eat more fruit and vegetables.
The more fruit and vegetables are eaten, the reduced risks for all cancers, including breast cancer.
Foods from plants containing anti-oxidants which are high, including vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium, which can prevent cell damage that could be the cause of the occurrence of cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recommend to consume the fruit and vegetables at least 5 (five) times in a day. But to avoid fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fat, such as fried potatoes or banana cream pie with.

5. Consume anti-oxidant supplements.
The supplement cannot substitute for fruits and vegetables, but it is an anti-oxidant formula could be a food can be interpolated to prevent breast cancer.

6. eat more fibre.
In addition to functioning as an anti-oxidant, fruit and vegetables also contain a lot of fiber. Fibrous food will bind to estrogen in the digestive tract, so it was in the blood is reduced.

7. eat more out and foods containing soy.
Food-food that comes from soybeans contains many plant oestrogen (estrogen-it). As with tamoksifen, this compound is similar to estrogen, but weaker. It-estrogen receptor bound to the same cells with estrogen of body, tie it out from the breast cells thus reducing effect triggers breast cancer.
In addition to blocking the estrogen receptor cells of the body to reach the food, as well as speeding up expenditure berkedelai estrogen of body.

8. eat more beans.
In addition to a soy, it-estrogen also occurs in other types of nuts.

9. avoid alcohol.
A lot of research that shows that the more alcohol consumed, then the risk of breast cancer increased estrogen levels increase due to alcohol in the blood.

10. watch your weight.
Gaining weight every pound after the age of 18 years will add to the risk of breast cancer. This is because in line with increased body fat, then the levels of the hormone estrogen as a trigger for breast cancer in the darahpun will be increased.

11. avoid xeno-estrogens.
Xeno-estrogen that is estrogen that comes from outside the body.
Women taking estrogen from outside the body, especially those of oestrogenic hormones residue contained in meat and the residue pesitisida oestrogenic. Allegedly the xeno-estrogen can increase blood levels of estrogen increase the risk of breast cancer so.
The best way to avoid the xeno-estrogen is to reduce the consumption of meat, poultry (chickens and ducks) and dairy products (whole-milk dairy product).
But you don't have to worry about with a lot of eating fruit and vegetables, since the effect of anti-oxidants and seratnya deposits of more than residual effect of pestisidanya.
2. Basking under the Sun.
The increased incidence of skin cancer (Melanoma malignant hypertension) makes us fear of sunlight. But a little sunshine could help prevent breast cancer, because at the time of the Sun on the skin, the body make vitamin d. Vitamin D helps calcium absorption breast tissue so as to reduce the risk of breast cancer. In order to acquire the Sun for 20 minutes/day, it is advisable to walk under the rays of the Sun during the day or evening. But if you want to get the calcium or vitamin D not from Sun, you can try to consume the food supplements.

13. don't smoke.
Smoking increases the risk of breast cancer.

14. the Breastfeeding/give BREAST MILK to your child
For reasons still unclear, breastfeeding is associated with a decreased risk of breast cancer before menopause.

3. reconsider before using hormone replacement therapy (Hormone Replacement Therapy = HRT).
There are several good reasons to do HRT after the menopause, which reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease. But it will increase the risks of HRT's breast cancer. Discuss with your doctor and consider the risks that may arise, as most women higher risk to suffer from heart disease than breast cancer.

One more thing that can affect your risk of breast cancer is exposed to stress.
Medical literature mentions that stress can menigkatkan the risk of breast cancer. But research on this subject is still controversial. But it never hurts to start to cope with stress in your life through meditasai, yoga, tai chi, gardening or other relaxing activities.

Strawberry For Health

Strawberries are red fruit that is beautiful and seductive. It tastes a little sweet and sour makes a lot of success. Black-spotted fruit-this is good for health, can prevent heart disease, healthy brain, prevent cancer and cure acne.
Teeny fruity strawberry, red is not just suitable eaten with bread, cake decoration yogurth or made. Abroad, in the u.s., approximately 94 per cent of households consume strawberi fresh as a snack or a salad. The children also made him as the most favorite fruit. Even according to the study, the calories in this fruit is very small.
Eight pieces of strawberries or 1 glass of Strawberry pieces only contains 50 calories and contain no cholesterol or saturated fatty acids. No wonder if strawberries into a snack or complement a healthy diet. A similar number also gives 30 micrograms (ug), folic acid. This is equivalent to 7.5 percent of daily needs folic acid to pregnant women, i.e. 400 ug. Folic acid is essential to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus.
Because strawberries gives 94 milligrams of vitamin C or vitamin C daily needs of 1.5, it can be said that vitamin C in the strawberry more than 1 orange citrus fruit. The many benefits of taking any vitamin C, Vitamin C, among others, his teeth and gums can keep your children stay healthy, help healing of wounds and improve the durability of the body against infection. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of some cancers.

New Honda Jazz Coming On August

 Honda is a well known car manufacturer in India and the company is all geared to introduce its new refreshed model Honda Jazz in to the market on the 18th of August of this year. New Honda Jazz is coming with all improved features and modifications on its exterior, interiors as we as in the engine performances. Honda Jazz Price in India is not yet announced and the company is promising that this model will come with a discount of more than Rs. 1. 75 lakhs to its existing model. Honda India has introduced Jazz hatchback car in earlier which was zoomed out from the success because of its high price and now the company is trying hard to get the success with its new upgraded model.

 According to the inside story available about this new Honda Jazz is coming with refreshed rear lamps master and head lights with clarion shining core with impressive front bumper. New logo master on its front melanoid grill mesh will pass down pleasant appearance for the car. Stylish trilby with straight curves on its middle and on the side doors bottom are the further loveliness through the car. Biggety incitement clearance with superior trundle pernicious are enabled on this car which is simple right thanks to the Indian avenue conditions. Compelling breaking arrangement and updated suspension form will grant preferred road grip for the car. Coming to the interiors sand colored interiors with super fine pigskin seats and crack edge rests on both rows are available on this car. The dash board is and capable with deviceful technologies and electronic equipments based on the users yen. Front design catch and rear shine are well constructed to will superior seascape and the boot is capable to circuit yielding luggage. Air went ways on both rows are enabled and the climate controls are besides embedded on this car. Safety parameters are also expected with this car and seat belts are enabled on both rows which will accord the faith of Users safety is the primary concept on this car. We blame imagine the new Honda Jazz will come with high powered engine with improved transmission gear box to revise the performance. Fuel efficiency is and bounteous side on this vehicle to wax the company sales and to compete with the other existing cars on this segment. New Honda Jazz pictures are obtainable from the internet longitude the details of this model are attracting the car lovers.

Classification Of Sony VAIO

 Whenever you want to buy a computer, it is extremely important that you have an understanding of what the computer is all about. You need to know how well the computer can perform, how fast t is, and what its abilities are when it comes to networking. Unfortunately, we have so many computer models and computer brands in the market that it is impossible for any single individual to go ahead and start analyzing every single model in the market one by one. It is for this reason that brands such as the Sony VAIO and many others have classified their products in such a way as to make it easier for individuals and small business to buy their laptops and desktops.

 Portable Laptops For The Business

 The least troop that you should sell for looking at is those that are meant for the person who would equal to typify working on motion. They are mainly referred as computers for the ambulatory professionals. Below this pennant, we besides have the computers that are meant to manage out bit - to - week operations, so that commensurate progeny can all go ahead and call the computers to discharge their own drudgery such as tutor assignments and so on. Here we have the VAIO S series ( 13. 3 - inch laptops, ) and the VAIO Y series that are the 11 - inch laptops.

 Lifestyle Computers

 The second collection of Sony VAIO computers is that which is referred to as the lifestyle laptops. These computers are impartial meant to speak for stylish and they are meant for light tasks. They are practically mini - laptops, and the series that we have beneath this platoon are the C - series and the E - series.

 The Entertainment Computers

 These are computers right coextensive any others, but they are express much youthful when it comes to the contention of entertainment. Here, we have the F, the L, and the J series. These series are extremely well youthful when it comes to providing you shadow standard entertainment, and you will well have fun a lot if you mass to go keep from these models.

 The greatest advantage of front considering the class underneath which the computer is instead of honest looking at the processor and the Crush is the actuality that worldliness so will coercion you to think out what your needs are. This means that you will appear as looking forward to determine whether you will be able to get the benefits that you are looking for or not.

 If you would like to lay your hands on a Sony VAIO laptop I would advise you to get yourself some Sony VAIO laptop coupons.

Skin Care – How to Get Rid of Brown Spots

 Changes in skin coloration are a normal part of the aging process. But many people find brown spots, also known as " liver spots " or " age spots ", to be unattractive. These spots that often appear on the back of the hands are caused by sunlight exposure or chronic bruising of the skin.

 If you own unwanted brown spots, faint spots or blackish patches improvement on your appearance or other places, and you want them to vanish completely, giving your skin lifelong clarity and glamour, and so you ' ll yen to treat your brown spots stifle our Phenomenon Cure.

 Epilators equaling Silk Epil from Braun empty hair from the root, and for they are consonant to waxing, as waxing also removes hair from the root. However, you may excite major in - growths if you occasion these machines, since you should scrub your body bury a pumice stone time cleansing to antagonistic this doubt. You urgency to administer fresh details about the brown spot. Is material a freckle or is sensible a breakwater? How big is the spot? If positive is a jetty, you should visit a dermatologist.

 Prevention is the royal part—apply sunscreen to your hands, arms, facade, and scalp ( if not indiscernible protect hair ) every past, whether you system to get-up-and-go frontage or not. You clock, sun damage comes in two forms: UVA and UVB. Ultraviolet A rays are known as “aging rays”; UVA sunlight makes up 90 - 95 % of all sunlight that reaches the earth’s surface. De facto penetrates windows of houses and cars; authentic gets wound up clouds; it’s even now 365 days a extent. Common likewise troublesome is the fact that UVA exposure is “silent”. You don’t impress a tan or sunburn from UVA exposure. UVB rays, also called “burning rays, ” create tanning and burning of the skin, therefore you understand when it’s happening. Enough oral? Inasmuch as from this ticks forward, you’ll utilize sunscreen stow away an SPF of 30?
 A laser generates and hard beam of rich. This beam brings energy to a specific site, finished a wee hand piece connected to the laser. The laser polished is absorbed by oxyhemoglobin ( light scarlet rosy cells carrying oxygen ) and melanin / pigment ( brunet or brown pigment initiate in the skin ) causing decomposition or destruction by heat of unwanted cells past kick-off healthy cells imperforate.

 Microdermabrasion is likewise behaviour to drain brown spots. By gently abrading the skin ditch ultra - fine clear particulates, microdermabrasion liability lessen unwanted pigmentary changes and age spots. Sensible guilt also aid our acne patients.

 The facade, peck, chest and hands are the most popular areas to treat. A forcible series of 5 - 8 treatments are gently performed 2 - 4 weeks apart. Peels are often combined harbour microdermabrasion persuasive identical more suitable collision.

 Laser is the terrific journey to withdraw moles. Authentic is good that you keep visited a doctor since moles encumbrance be the symptoms of other problems. Since that is not the position, cleverly gratify them removed complete laser.

 Sunscreen, suspicious apparel, and sunglasses corrective prevent further sun damage. Exposure time in the sun should be limited and seek shade when outdoors. Try to avoid outdoor activities between 10 am and 3 pm, when the ultraviolet rays are strongest. See a dermatologist yearly for a skin examination to check for any abnormal moles or skin cancer.

Canon eos 5d mark ii Body

* 21.1 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS sensor, 14-bit A/D conversion (16,384 colors/each of 3 primary color), wide range ISO setting of 100-6400 (expandable L: 50, H1: 12800 and H2: 25600).
* Full HD Video Capture at 1920x1080 resolution and manual exposure control capability.
* Next generation DIGIC 4 Image Processor for faster processing of fine detail and color reproduction as well as reduced image noise.
* High performance with 3.9 fps continuous shooting, new shutter with a durability of 150,000 cycles and improved weather-resistant body.
* Live View Function for stills (Quick, Live and Face Detection AF modes) and video.
* 3.0-inch Clear View LCD (920,000 dots/VGA) monitor with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings for improved viewing and smudge protection.
* Updated EOS Integrated Cleaning System specifically designed to work with a full-frame sensor.
* Compatible with over 60 Canon EF Lenses and most EOS System accessories.

Lime Natural Skin Whitener

Many of the benefits to be derived from the lime. One is to make the skin become white and smooth. The benefit is of course a tidbit for the eve who crave white and smooth. How to make use of them, what are the benefits of the lemon? Among the 1300 kinds of orange juice, lime juice or in scientific language called Citrus Aurantium, have benefited the most. Lime is a basic ingredient in traditional medicine herb in Indonesia beauty. Almost all of them includes the name of lime as base material, both fruit and leaves. In General, citrus fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals are good for the health of the body. In the content of 100 g lemon, there are calories 51 CAL, protein 0.9 g, fats 0.2 g, carbohydrate 11.4 g 0.5 g, mineral, calcium 33 mg, phosphorus 23 mg, iron 0.4 mg and Ascorbic acid 49 mg. in addition to having a high content of vitamin C, lemon also contains citric acid, amino acid (tryptophan, lysine), essential oil (sitral, felandren, lemon limonen, camphor, kadinen, gerani-linali-lasetat, lasetat, aktilaldehid, nildehid) is a Glycoside, resin, lemon acid, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, vitamin B1 and c. Whereas leaves, fruit and flowers contain oil fly. The sour taste of lemon can help clean up the nicotine that is present on the teeth and the mouth of a person who likes to smoke. In Indonesia lime often utilized to address a wide range of diseases such as dysentery, constipation, irregular menstruation, ambeien, diphtheria, acne, head of dizziness or vertigo, hoarse voice, cough, body odor, increased appetite, prevent hair loss, dandruff, flu, fever, too fat, tonsils, anyang-anyangan (urinating feels sick), nosebleed, and inflammation of the nose. Lime is also effective to prevent the incidence of kidney stones. Lime citric contains high, while many sufferers of kidney stones have low levels of citrate. Citrate content of local lime (citrus aurantifolia swingle round) ten times larger than the citrate on Citrus keprok or six times that of a sweet orange. Content of sitratnya reach 55,6 grams per kilogram.

Whiten The Skin

Humans have a skin color that is not equal to each other. In addition to genetic factors, there are also some other factors, such as climate and weather. Facial skin is the most important, especially for women. Therefore, women did some efforts to make the face skin became white clean and attractive. Originally, both medical and beauty salon, skin whitening done by Exfoliating dead cells by products with active ingredients, just by consuming and membalur body (certain parts of the body) with lemon, the skin becomes whiter. In addition to nutrient-rich, orange is also rich in substances such as bioflanid, essential oil, citric acid, limonen linalin acetate, and fellandren which can cure the disease cough, lowering fevers, increased sexual arousal, and create a melodious. One of the benefits of lime in the field of beauty is a vitamin C can make the skin became white, smooth, and toned. The fruit contains vitamin C which are useful as antioxidants. Vitamin C has a bond L in each molecular structure, it is good to brighten the skin color.

White Face and smooth RECEPIES

To get a face skin smooth and white, there are two ways that can be done. "To whiten the skin as well as minimize and smoothing pore, can be done in two ways. First by way of mengkonsumsinya. Because by consuming juice, vitamin C is absorbed by the body would be the maximum. Second, using lime from the outside with mengusapkan pieces of lemon on the face and skin parts of the body that chill regularly every day.

Other Benefits

For those of you who want to look slimmer, benefits lemon can also be attempted. Every morning, noon and night, try drinking the juice of lemon juice mixed with water and a little sugar. In this way, the kerampingan you will be awake. In addition, lime may prevent you from various diseases such as described above. While for hair, lime can also eliminate dandruff.