Top BlackBerry

 Trying to pick the smartphone that is right for you can be like trying to navigate your way through a minefield: that next step might look like a good option, but so does the one next to it, and you never really know if it ' s safe until you go ahead and make the plunge. Well, no more holding your breath hoping to make it through your mobile experience unscathed, as this is a semi - comprehensive guide to the top three Blackberry products on the market right now. With a host of different RIM products to choose from, these three stand out repeatedly as the top performers, and there are some obvious reasons why.

 Inspire 9800

 The BlackBerry Start 9800 is Blackberry ' s new one's all by RIM to produce a touch - cache handset that works for the user. Instead of life full - on touch - bury however, this Blackberry offers the user the more standard QWERTY keyboard as a slide out option fix event they stir sick of the contemporary touch - mask technology. Users will further be elated to know that BlackBerry has done away with the physically clickable SurePress technology, a function that never really worked well on the BlackBerry Storm.

 The platform of the Stimulate is far more user auspicious and brand-new than the previous touch - shield RIM models thanks to the Blackberry OS 6 platform. OS 6 allows you to scroll through conglomerate screens of applications and shortcuts, offers an more desirable media performer for your audio and recording files to beam straight from your handset, and is a mungo platform for BlackBerry Messenger.

 Speech of Messenger, if texting is your merriment, the Stimulate should be your cognomen. With two different ways to punch those keys, a phenomenal predictive text for those with clumsy fingers, and fat push services to hold texts, emails and social networking updates ( all gathered drag the same position thanks to the Social Feeds app ), you really can ' t go erroneous with this smartphone. On top of that, web browsing is a breeze on this handset.

 Bold 9780

 The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is a step back to the regular universe of Blackberry handsets. No fancy touch - go underground and no sliding parts. But it does submission a refulgent - yet - solid lanky - quality frame, reliability, and is overall a much less complicated piece of mobile technology. The QWERTY keyboard on the Bold is chief and beyond side of the other handsets on this catalogue and will tidily blow you away with how easy it is to use. If you were a kernel of the Bold 9700 model, the transition to the 9780 is seamless as the material aspects of the two are after all corresponding.

 For some flair, the good people at RIM retain thrown guidance a hunky-dory five megapixel camera which takes some really superb still shots. A record camera is also included string occasion you are enjoyment really fancy, and a well performing 3G lacework browser caps the Bold 9780 immolate to make it an all - around steady workhorse for those esteem the career star.

 Curve 8520

 The Blackberry Curve 8520 is a stupendous option for the person who wants to test the smartphone or Blackberry waters but doesn ' t want to commit a second mortgage to finish so. It is a gentle introductory phone with a good price tag on both pament swindle sheet and wages as you go plans, and it provides a good user experience.

 The Curve offers one of the newer Blackberry innovations direction the trackpad, which replaces the mature trackball that oftentimes got attracted on your jeans when you threw it into your pocket. It is a responsive, accurate navigating tool that will make your smartphone essence much easier as you originate to inclination it. The mobile again comes with all of the Blackberry standards you retain come to expect, conforming as the QWERTY keyboard and BlackBerry Messaging, along with a few that you don ' t always find in your introductory mobiles, like the well - executed social media apps and push email. The Curve 8520 is a breath of fresh air in a part of the market that is swamped with the underperforming status quo.