Healthy Benefits Of Free-range Chicken Eggs

The eggs are nutritious and easy to obtain food at an affordable price. Eggs contain levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. You are anxious to be fat content? Don't worry, the eggs only contain little saturated fat. Therefore, if you want a fast-food meal, eggs can be your choice. Here are some benefits that you can get by consuming eggs.
Eggs are the best and the cheapest source of protein. However, it is still a lot you need to know about eggs.Most popular foods include eggs, it's no one who is not familiar with these protein-rich foodstuff.

In Indonesia own chickens eggs still divided 2 parts, namely eggs and free-range chicken eggs. Free-range chicken eggs have a smaller size, but its color is brighter.

Nutrients Free-range Chicken Eggs

Free-range chicken eggs have a genuine advantage over the other chicken eggs. In addition to the source of calories and protein which is pretty good (easily absorbed in quantities much) can be used as a mixed drink of herbs that are believed to be able to provide freshness on the body.

Thus the body is not an easy subject to diseases. Per 100 grams of free-range chicken eggs containing 174 calories, 10.8 grams of protein, 4.9 mg iron and 61.5 g retinol (vitamin A). To improve the (good) in consuming tekur free-range chicken native honey may be added (to add to the energy).

Free-range Chicken Eggs Functions For Health

Can cure coronary heart disease, diabetes, ulcer or colon.
In addition to containing energy sources also contain enough protein sources. The energy that is used to replace energy-use activities and think while proteinnya needed to replace damaged organs.
Has the content of cholesterol (egg yolk) is quite high. For those who have hypertension or hiperkolesterolemia (the content of cholesterol in the blood are high) must carefully manage konsumsinya.
Help overcome tiredness and lethargy of the body, but cannot overcome the entirely because the Agency still needed time to rest the body organs. (fn/mi/ld)