How To Remove Acne Scars Are Traditionally

Acne is a skin disease, although not harmful, but they appear not at disposal – let alone for the eve because it can reduce the beauty. What's more if the number is a lot. After acne is gone, nonetheless there is no effect on the desire that leave traces, such as holes pocked or acne scars, the effect being the face seem less pretty.

The Stain Of Acne Scars
Spot acne scars are generally red or Brown, and sirna or disappear by itself. Need to be in the know, if you're not scratching on acne, acne or memencetnya won't leave traces in the form of Aperture or deep pocked

However if the acne scars, look for the most efficacious is the forcing grows new layers of face skin. For it is necessary dermabrasi or laser techniques. And incidentally there are some products on the market that the designation of this new skin to grow or dermarbrasi

However the traditional way is always the best, although the outcome much longer in technical use appeal dermarbrasi, if you prefer the traditional way to try it at home, then follow the following ways:

Lemon Juice
Squeeze the lemon juice, apply on the face of 2 x a day. Drinking lemon juice once a day.
Aloe Vera
Take her and DAB in jel face. Make juice and drink it once a day.
Mix the honey and milk, then apply in the face twice a day.
White water
Drink plenty of water every day.