Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the growth of the cells in the skin on the abnormal levels. The cause of skin cancer is different and varying levels of violence any cancer. Skin cancer is most common in the basal layer of squamous cells, and melanocytes. Skin cancer usually grows in the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin), so that the tumors (lumps) are visible from the outside, so that skin cancer is a type of cancer is the most easy to find symptoms at the initial stage. skin cancer is cancer that is at least the risk of death in patients, is caused because the skin are rarely able to reach the vital organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys and brain stem in humans.
In view of the holistic cancer therapy, the cause is the same, namely for its anti-oxidant substances in the body. But skin cancer could be caused by a lack of active radio beam emission, ultra violet rays, directly without barriers (security).

Due to its location in the skin, skin cancer is easier to spot and more manageable. However, the incidence of skin cancer should still be careful because it could have happened (the spread) to metathesis organs to another.

For the therapy of skin cancer, should:
1. avoid taking any food and beverage containing chemical substances including sugar and water, aqua.
2. avoid all handbody lotions and powder made from chemical substances.
3. avoid sunlight directly above 9 am.
4. Drink supplements are able to clean up the dirt that is embedded in the walls of the intestines (colon cleanshing). In this case, the best and cheapest is the terenak kolak waluh (pumpkin parang) without coconut milk. Keep in mind in mengonsumsinya must be added the lime juice. drink 2 glasses a day.
5. make supplements that contain substances anti oxidants, such as tomato fruit vegetable juss of grapes, fruit, carrots, and green beans so yummy. To manufacture juss, preferably in a blender for 20 minutes, don't stop. The goal is that there is an injection of oxygen into juss. Because it has to be immediately taken up, don't let lam because oxygen can evaporate again. Drink 2 glasses a day.
6. Buatkanlah herbal stew that many contain substances in anti oxidants. These include Herbal leaves loranthus mango, tea leaf leaves, loranthus, breadfruit, midwives leaf petals gods, zedoary, etc. If you find it a hassle to make herbal medicine, could use the clinic treatment of "natural language" which works to eradicate the cancer with Tea brand Dakun No. 06. This feels very tasty herbs such as tea, 100% natural and without grounds. Drink 2 glasses a day.
7. Buatkanlah herbal rebuasn are harder than the above, Can use the Crown of the gods, pace, black cumin, etc. drink 2 glasses a day.
8. Buatkanlah powder of keladi tikus, annual tree of toxic cassava. Balurkan this to kankernya powder, 4-5 times a day.
9. Do gymnastics swinging arms, 30 minutes a day.