A Diagnoses Of Cancer

Current cancer detection efforts are with Digital Infrared Imaging or Digital Infrared Imaging (PID). This technique is to monitor the health of the breast and cervix on women of the prakanker process. Working principle is that in a PID temperature will emit radiation wave electromagnet from the surface invisible, where the maximum intensity occurs at a wavelength of the infrared light. Chemical activity and blood vessel activity in the tissue surrounding the prakanker growing always higher than the normal tissue.

Some filtering tests that can be done at home, for example doing breast self examination every month can help women detect breast kaknker.

Check the scrotal can help men to detect cancer early so it can be cured if discovered at an early stage.

Check regularly the wound dimulut that does not heal to detect oral cancer at an early stage.

Specify the Staging of cancer

If the cancer has been found, check the determination stage (staging) cancer help doctors in planning an appropriate treatment and determining the prognosis of travel. Staging can be performed using:

1. Scan/scanning (e.g. liver or bone scan)

2. Coloring of the network so that when there are cancer pathological tissue can be known.

3. CT (Computed Tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

4. Mediastinoskopi

5. a bone marrow Biopsy.

Sometimes surgery is needed to be done to determine the stage of cancer. For example, a laparatomi (abdominal surgery) allows the surgeon to lift or colorectal cancer cure while determining the spread of cancer to lymph glands nearby.