What is Cancer ?

Cancer is not a mild disease. The first step in the treatment of cancer is detected correctly that the symptoms that appear on the patient's body is actually malignant cancer cells. This detection is done by examination of the biopsy, so treatment can be done step quickly and precisely. The next step is treatment with conventional therapy. But in fact the treatment this way often cancer have not been able to overcome in total. This is the role of medicinal plants/herbs.

The primary role of herbs is improving durability of the patient's body and localized kaker cells so that cancer cells are not easy to spread, and more easily made, as well as non-toxic making it safer for the patient's body. An example is a medicinal plant extract from keladi tikus (Typhonium). In this usage, a medicinal plant can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormonterapi) or after conventional treatment is finished. Because the drug from the extract of keladi tikus can help reduce the effects of the treatment of conventionally.

The amount of sufferers of the disease cancer in Indonesia is not yet known with certainty, but increased from year to year can be proven as one of the leading causes of death. Only a few cancers that can be treated satisfactorily, especially if it is treated as an early stage. The success of the treatment is determined by the type of cancer, cancer stage, the General State of the patient, and patient to heal.

Definition Of Cancer

Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cells and tissues that is not normal. Cancer cells will expand rapidly, uncontrolled, and will continue to divide themselves, then breaking into the surrounding tissues (invasive) and continues to spread through the connective tissue, blood, and attacking vital organs and nerves of the spine. Under normal circumstances, only to be split up if there is a replacement of the cells that are dead and damaged. Instead of cancer cells will divide continues even though the body does not need it, so there will be a buildup of new cells called malignant tumor. That cell buildup and damaging normal tissue urgently, so as to disrupt the current organ. Cancer can occur in various tissues in different organs in each body, ranging from foot to head. When cancer occurs at the surface of the body, will be easily recognized and treated. But if it happens in the body, cancer it will be hard and sometimes have no symptoms. If symptoms arise, usually already advanced stage so difficult to treat.

Differences in Tumor and cancer

There are two kinds of tumors are benign tumours and malignant tumors. Benign tumours only grew and grew, not too dangerous, and does not spread to the outside network. Whereas the malignant tumor is a cancer that is growing rapidly and uncontrolled and damaging other tissue.