Causes Of Cancer

Causes Of Cancer

Causes of cancer usually cannot be known with certainty because the causes of cancer can be a composite of a group of genetic and environmental factors. However there are several factors that supposedly increases the risk of occurrence of cancer, as follows:


Genetic factors cause some families have a higher risk for certain cancers when compared with other families. This type of cancer that is likely to be passed down in families is breast cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer. For example, the risk of a woman to suffer from cancer increased from 1.5 to 3 times if his mother or sister had breast cancer.

Environmental Factors

-Smoking increases the risk of occurrence of sigaret cancer of the lung, mouth, larynx (vocal cords), and bladder.
-Ultraviolet rays from the Sun
-Ionization Radiation (which is carcinogenic) used in the x-ray beam generated from nuclear power plants and the explosion of the atomic bomb that could reach great distances.Example, survivors of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, high risk suffering from cancer of the blood cells, such as Leukemia.

Factors of foods containing chemicals.

Food can also be another important risk factor causes cancer, especially cancer of the digestive tract. Examples of these types of foods that can cause cancer is:
-Smoked and pickled foods (in the form of pickled) increases the risk of occurrence of gastric cancer
-Beverages containing alcohol leads to higher risk of throat cancer.
Food coloring substances
Heavy metals such as mercury are often found in contaminated seafood such as fish, shellfish,: etc.
-A variety of food (sweet, flour) which is processed redundantly.


The Virus is suspected of causing cancer and can include:
-Papilloma Virus causing genital warts (genitalis) presumably is one cause of cervical cancer in women.
-Cytomegalovirus causes Kaposi's Sarcoma (cancer of the blood vessel system is characterized by skin lesions are red)
-Hepatitis B Virus can cause liver cancer.
-Epstein-Bar (in Africa) causes Burkitt's lymphoma, while in China the virus is causing cancer of the nose and throat. This happens because the genetic and environmental factors.
-Retro Viruses such as HIV in humans causes lymphoma and other blood cancers.

The Infection

-The parasite Schistosoma (bilharzia) can cause bladder cancer due to chronically on bladder irritation. But the cause of the irritation of other chronically does not cause cancer.
-Clonorchis infection by causing the bile duct and pancreatic cancer.
-Helicobacter Pylori is a bacteria that may be the cause of gastric cancer, and these bacteria cause the injury alleged and chronic stomach inflammation, leading to an increase in the speed of the cell cycle.

Behavioural factors

-The intended Behavior was to smoke and consume foods that contain a lot of fat and meat preserves also the drinkers of alcoholic beverages.
-Sexual behavior that is doing the intimate relationship of early and often changing diusia change the couple.

Hormonal balance disorders

Estrogen hormone stimulates the growth of cells that function tends to encourage the occurrence of cancer, whereas progesterone protect the occurrence of excessive cell growth. -There is a tendency that excess hormones estrogen and progesterone deficiency causes increased risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer in men and scrotal.

Psychiatric, emotional factors

-Severe Stress can cause cellular balance ganggguan the body. Continuous tense can affect cells, where the cell so hyperactive and changed the nature of a ferocious causing cancer.

Free radicals

-Free radicals are atoms, atoms, or molecules that have a free electron pairs not dilingkaran beyond it. Sources of free radicals which are:
1. free radicals are formed as by-products of metabolic processes.
2. free radicals into the body in the form of chemical toxins from food, drink, air terpolusi, and ultraviolet rays from the Sun.
3. free radicals produced in excess at the time we overeat (impact on the metabolic processes) or when we are in a State of excessive stress, both stress physically, psychologically and biologically.