Other Causes of Skin Cancer

Until now, its health experts, in particular the health of the skin has not been able to find the exact cause of skin cancer. There are several factors which are thought to be a source of the emergence of this disease.
Just confusing is that there is often some person with a medical history and in the same condition, but one can get skin cancer, while others could be free. For it required extensive research, why it could happen.
The Cause Of Skin Cancer
Things allegedly can be the cause of skin cancer are:
1. the age factor
Today more and more people are exposed to skin cancer. Most of the 60 years of age they are always up. Although there are under the age of 60 years, but the amount is very small.
2. cigarettes and tobacco
The smoke inhaled by nose is also thought to be one cause of skin cancer. This can occur not only in people who smoke but also people who do not smoke but smoke inhalation is involved accidentally from a cigarette.

3. the Sun
Especially in the light of day. As we know, the Sun's ultraviolet also is believed to contain lead to skin cancer. To that end when out of space is recommended to use protective clothing such as skin, to a closed or an umbrella.
4. chemicals
Can occur on vegetables and fruits that excessive pesticide use. Similarly, foods that use chemical preservatives, as well as cosmetics or cosmetic containing chemicals are also pretty high.
5. virus or Bacteria and germs
To avoid attack by bacteria, viruses and germs that cause skin cancer is always keep clean and not mutual partner during sexual intercourse.
6. The Offspring
It's also still only guesswork. Because some people with skin cancer, after searching further, it turns out that there are parents or siblings who are both suffering from this disease.
Treat and Cure skin cancer
To heal or cure diseases of the skin cancer there are two options. The first way to do medical. Doctors typically perform operations to lift network exposed skin cancer or radiation to kill cancer cells in the skin.
There are also other ways to use drugs drunk, topical (Salve) or by injection. The goal remains the same, to kill all cancer cells in the skin that continues to grow.
The second way through alternative medicine a herbal or traditional herb. An example is eucalyptus trees. His skin was taken and later created the oil. In about three weeks after the application, the seeds would die from skin cancer and skin to be healthy again.
Another example is chilli. According to some research that taste spicy vegetables can also be used as a cure for cancer of the skin. But some other expert who was denied treatment for reasons to do more research so that the results are totally justifiable.
In addition to the two medicine material tradisinal, there are still some types of vegetables or fruits are expected to be used to cure skin cancer. Only still needs further research.