Other types of Cancer

Other types of Cancer

The type of cancer that originates from the cells that line the surface of the body or surface of the body, such as network channels such as skin cells, testis, ovary, melanin cells, mucus houses gland, breast, cervical, colon, rectum, stomach, pancreas, and esophagus.

The type of cancer that comes from the networks that form the blood, lymph tissue, for example, lymph, a variety of lacteal gland, thymus, lymph and bone marrow. Specific lymphoma is Hodgkin's disease, among others (cancer of the lymph glands and lymph)

This type of cancer do not form a tumor mass, but meet the blood vessels and disrupt normal blood cell function.

That is the kind of ancillary network where cancer is the best of the body such as connective tissue, including the cells found in bone and diotot.

The neurological arrangement of cancer, such as glia cells (supporting tissue) in the arrangement of the central nervous.

-Carcinoma in situ
That is the term used to describe abnormal epithelial cells are still restricted in certain areas that are still considered prainvasif lesions (abnormalities/wound that has not been memyebar)