Some of the causes of breast cancer

Cancer cell is a cell undergoing abnormal growth. So too with the breast cancer cells, so far not yet known with certainty the specific causes of breast cancer. However, there are a number of factors that are estimated to have an influence on the occurrence of breast cancer, among other things:
-the changing nature of the growth of breast cells become malignant
-the body failed to build the body's defense system
-bad nutrition factors on food eaten
-the use of the hormone estrogen (e.g. on estrogen replacement therapy users)
-the breast is often twisted/push
-drinking alcohol and smoking
-Obesity in women after menopause: diet affect cancer cell malignancies
-the consumption of fat and fiber
-ionization radiation during or after puberty; Depending on the dose and age when exposed to radiation exposure
-genetic factors and family history (links with certain genes)
There are so many possible causes of breast cancer, and it is possible that the development of cancer cells induced by combination of several factors above. You can do is pay attention to the things mentioned above and always alert. Doing a routine check of your breasts for early detection of cancer.