Tips to prevent skin cancer

Read the comments from a companions bloggers on how to prevent skin cancer or tips after my previous post a few things about skin cancer, now I am back to post Tips to prevent skin cancer which I translate from a companions article.
Some time later we often hear about the depletion of the ozone layer on this earth so that sunlight contains ultra violet (UV) will be more easily penetrate directly into the Earth that can lead to the increasing risks of humans are exposed to skin cancer
The accumulation of the UV light of excessive skin may damage the DNA of the genetic materials that make up the offspring so that normal skin cells will develop by uncontrolled and into cancer cells, but this is a skin reaction process of self-preservation.

the following tips can be done to prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer:

1. set the diet

Set the diet question is to multiply the consumption of foods containing high in fiber like fruits, vegetables and reduce fat, avoid food junk food, food was preserved, cooked food and baked until it burned down, and avoid smoking and alcohol

2. use the protective

Always wear a hat or umbrella, UV goggles and attire that is closed at present should beraktifitas in the open disiang day. The safe as well as the use of sunblock according to skin type and skin conditions are also recommended, so use disiang day indirect sunlight on the skin.