Wary Of Leukemia Cells

Leukemia unknown cause. Disease of leukemia destroys white blood cells or in the language of medicine called a white blood cell (WBC). With the introduction and treatment of early stages, the chance to recover from this disease would have been better. Here are the initial symptoms of the disease leukemia cells you need to know:
1. You often feel tired? Leukemia cells can lead You easily tired, due to increased production of white blood cells resulting in the absorption of energy from the body.

2. What is your weight decreases? Are you fed up with serving as usual, but your clothes more loose? Leukemia cells causes the weight is reduced, due to the increased production of white blood cells absorb a lot of calories your body.

Leukemia Cells Dangerous Diseases

Leukemia is a disease that is known by the proliferation of neoplasitik of hemopoietik organ cells, which occurs as a result of somatic cell mutation bakal (stem cell) that will form a clone of leukemia cells.
Diseases of the blood cancer (leukemia) was ranked as the highest cancer in children. However, the handling of cancer in children in Indonesia is still slow. That is why over 60% of children with cancer are treated medically had entered an advanced stage.

Leukemia is the proliferation of violence resulting in hemopoietik of abnormal cell clone and will undergo a transformation of leukemia cells, occurs on the abnormalities of cell differentiation and growth of lymphoid cells and mieloid.

Diagnosis of acute leukemia can be enforced from the examination of Hematology Hb, leukocytes, bones, i.e. acute leukemia cells based on the type classification of FAB.

What Is Leukaemia ?

Leukemia or often known as a blood cancer often found in children. The disease is a common symptom symptoms of berawalkan and his son only parent considers to have mild disease. However, if it is too late just handled, it will be difficult to handle ...

Leukemia cells is not a disease that cannot be cured, with current treatment technology allows the leukemia cells recovered up to 90%, however it is not a disease of leukemia that can disemuhkan in a time of 1 week or two, leukemia can be treated with chemotherapy protocols and take 1-2 years.

This demands patience and cooperation of the patient, parent and physician to the patient's healing as well as the common good. based on what I understand there are some characteristics of the symptoms of leukemia, among others:

Cancer prevention in Children

Author: dr.Eddy Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA

Talking about cancer, it is certain that all parents wish that his son is not affected by cancer. That is not affected by cancer, prevention efforts is the best course of action is to be done. The International Union Against Cancer or UICC is known for its headquartered in Switzerland, in 2007 it appealed to parents to help their children in providing knowledge and examples of the importance of avoiding the things that is expected to give rise to cancer.

Further it is said that there are 4 things that should be avoided so that children would they not exposed to cancer, i.e. avoid cigarette, avoid infection, avoid sunlight, and eat a healthy diet. Mengindari cigarette is obvious useful to prevent a future child are not exposed to certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer. Avoid infection also is obvious useful to prevent certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer and cervical cancer. Similarly, by avoiding sunlight, which is one of the ways that someone can be spared from skin cancer. While eating a healthy diet is useful to avoid someone from exposed to cancer, in which one of them is colon cancer.