Cancer prevention in Children

Author: dr.Eddy Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA

Talking about cancer, it is certain that all parents wish that his son is not affected by cancer. That is not affected by cancer, prevention efforts is the best course of action is to be done. The International Union Against Cancer or UICC is known for its headquartered in Switzerland, in 2007 it appealed to parents to help their children in providing knowledge and examples of the importance of avoiding the things that is expected to give rise to cancer.

Further it is said that there are 4 things that should be avoided so that children would they not exposed to cancer, i.e. avoid cigarette, avoid infection, avoid sunlight, and eat a healthy diet. Mengindari cigarette is obvious useful to prevent a future child are not exposed to certain types of cancer, such as lung cancer. Avoid infection also is obvious useful to prevent certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer and cervical cancer. Similarly, by avoiding sunlight, which is one of the ways that someone can be spared from skin cancer. While eating a healthy diet is useful to avoid someone from exposed to cancer, in which one of them is colon cancer.

If heeded, cancers that attempted to prevented almost all of which is a type of cancer that is often encountered in adults. How is the case with this type of cancer that is commonly found in children? According to The American Cancer Society, cancer is found in children means there is no relation at all with risk factors, such as tobacco, alcohol use, eating unhealthy food, or lack of exercise. This means that even if a child already follow every effort that it is recommended that he not affected by cancer, still the type of cancer that is commonly found in children can be on the child. If you want to be revealed by a simple sentence, much less would read, "cancer in children is in fact not be prevented".Presumably this may explain the confusion of some parents who question why his son was hit by cancer but every effort has been made cancer prevention.

With respect to the above, what should be done now to children so as not to hit by cancer? The fact above that clearly cannot be changed. Therefore, if the child does not cancer can be prevented, according to UICC, urging parents can still give knowledge and examples with respect to 4 of the above should be done so that children can be spared from cancer when they stepped on the age of adulthood. In the publication, non-governmental organizations was indeed recommends that prevention against cancer should be done from an early age in order to achieve what is expected. In the words of his speech, UICC President Dr Franco Cavalli also said that parents who do call above means they want a future world that is better and healthier.