What Is Leukaemia ?

Leukemia or often known as a blood cancer often found in children. The disease is a common symptom symptoms of berawalkan and his son only parent considers to have mild disease. However, if it is too late just handled, it will be difficult to handle ...

Leukemia cells is not a disease that cannot be cured, with current treatment technology allows the leukemia cells recovered up to 90%, however it is not a disease of leukemia that can disemuhkan in a time of 1 week or two, leukemia can be treated with chemotherapy protocols and take 1-2 years.

This demands patience and cooperation of the patient, parent and physician to the patient's healing as well as the common good. based on what I understand there are some characteristics of the symptoms of leukemia, among others:
1. the prolonged fever
2. bone-the bone pain
3. blackened joints, especially at the joints of the hand
4. turn palms (down haemoglobin.Singapore.)
5. limp and easily tired

If this happens, the indication is expected to be directly refer to a specialist, commonly known to the field of oncology or Hematology, early diagnosis with the taking of the spinal cord is expected to be able to prevent the spread of cancer cells, or in some places, beginning with leukemia cells can be detected in blood checks BLAST indications

patients and parents who experienced the leukemia cells are expected to patiently and doggedly mengahadapi disease, because the two keywords is that it could to save the child. then the patient will look healthy at leukemia chemotherapy first or second, but in fact he had not healed properly, continue to be patient until the obati has been completed, do not stop before the treatment protocol provided a doctor, even though the child had seemed healthy and fit

Furthermore, once the patient is healthy (or bahakan when the patient is under treatment), suppose your child as healthy children in General, do not be different-not to be confused with his friend sepantaranya, confidence and belief that he's been healthy is a motivation that could accelerate the recovery process

as far as what I understand, is not a genetic disease of leukemia, but the disease due to various factors, therefore make sure children eat healthy food Canadian official as well as reduce media-electronic media that emit radiation.
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