Fruit and vegetable is green and orange Effectively prevent cancer

Cancer during this time became a scourge for the community and became one of the highest causes of death in Indonesia, which was triggered by an unbalanced diet or food contamination.

However, according to Dr. IR. Francisca Zakaria, MSc, researcher and lecturer at the Fakulas agricultural technology (Fateta) Bogor agricultural University (IPB) in Bogor, Monday (23/3), the cancer could have been prevented, and it does this by improving food consumption.

"Among them are vegetable and fruit berwana green like broccoli, untouchable and cincau hijau containing khlorofil. In addition, carrots, tomato juice and other foods rich in orange-colored carotene cancer prevention is also helpful, "he said.

Exposure to these ever delivered Francisca Zakaria in the seminar themed "the understanding, prevention and Penanggulanan Cancer in women" in the Auditorium of the postgraduate Campus IPB Darmaga.

He further explained that the cancer is not contagious diseases originating from changes in genetic material, or DNA, present in normal cells and produce cells that are not the same again with its parent.

"This is what is called a mutation gene and 15 per cent of them due to descent, while the rest are due to factors outside the body like a virus, infection is ongoing, air pollution, radiation, and foreign chemicals in food," he said.

He says, the cells that gennya have termutasi, if had lived continuously then it will be a forerunner of tumors or cancer, as if he had continued his life and splitting to grow then it will be a tumor tissue.
"This is a very dangerous because it can eat away at your body and suck the nutritional substances as much as possible and make the blood vessels themselves," he said.

By looking at the data that 85 percent of cancer caused by external factors, he said, then cancer may actually be prevented.

Ditegaskannya that it can be done by improving food consumption so retrieved all 44 types of nutrients required by the body are sufficient and available at any time.

He reminded that basically the human body has an immune system that can eradicate the magic all kinds of microorganisms including viruses and also kill cancer cells.

Therefore, he said, the immune system requires adequate nutrients so that it can be "Natural Killer" (natural killer) cells are termutasi and infected with a virus.

One that can stimulate the liveliness of this immune system such as ginger and some types of mushrooms.

The other way is to prevent the entry of carcinogenic compounds by avoiding foods that contain residues of pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals in food, drugs, excessive dust, waste compounds of industrial and many other, as well as cigarette smoke.

In addition, by improving body detoxification system and also by consuming foods that contain antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamins A, C, E, flavonoid compounds "," "," "isoflavones terpenoid", "isotionoid", "khlorofil", and "phenol" simple shield which can be prevention.

According to him, the food-foods that contain these substances is not turned out to be difficult to find and mengkonsumsinya because a lot of these food ingredients commonly found in everyday, namely vegetable and fruit berwana green and orange.

He suggested that consumption of vegetables and fruits at least reached the 400-800 grams per day to get the substance antioksidannya.

For sat nutrition and protein should be obtained through fish, white meat, eggs, milk, eggs and nuts. As for the consumption of carbohydrates, dinjurkan is rice flour from maize, wheat, cassava, sweet potato, taro, or bananas.

Specifically for the consumption of fat, she reminds in order to use vegetable fat rich in linoleic, and oleic acid are found in corn, kedele, and avocado.